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Why Businesses Need Website

If you have a successful word-of-mouth business, you may be inclined to believe you don’t need a website, much less, a strong digital presence. In reality, regardless of the stage or the level of success you may be experiencing, all businesses, no matter the industry, needs a website.

A high 46% of small businesses don’t have a website and a majority of them justify the lack of having one to it not being relevant or too expensive. And although this may have been true a decade or two ago, it is definitely not the reality today. In fact, the number of internet users has increased from 738 million in 2000 to 3.2 billion in 2015! As of June, 2017, that number has risen to 3.8 billion, roughly half of the world population. With almost 4 billion users on the world wide web, not having a website is business suicide.

Still think a website not relevant for your business?

Eighty-three percent (83.7%) of the US population goes online regularly each year, mainly from mobile devices. In fact, over 40 million internet users in the US will go online through a mobile device this year and that number is projected to increase to 52.3 million by 2021. Yet, surprisingly, a lot of small businesses don’t have a mobile-friendly website. Considering the majority of users begin their search on a mobile device, it’s imperative every small business has an aesthetic and professional website that renders well on all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc).

There are ten fundamental reasons why every small business needs a website. Seeking the technical guidance from an experienced Sacramento website design company is the best first step in getting your digital presence established.


A Website Saves You Money

You probably don’t currently have a professional website because you think you can’t afford it or you can’t justify hiring any Sacramento web designers, but in long run, having a website can ultimately save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars typically spent on other marketing channels. Companies spend millions of dollars on brochures, fliers and pamphlets but with a website, you can skip that entirely! Digitizing all your traditional advertising ammunition makes it accessible to everyone, especially those that would not have been able to access any of the physical materials.

Even if you mainly rely on word of mouth and referrals, people will still want to check you out! The average consumer is much more savvy today and will do research before committing to purchasing your goods or services. Word of mouth marketing itself has become digitized. In fact, 68% of people trust online opinions of other customers. Adding reviews and testimonials to your page can boost conversions without manual effort on your end.