3 Examples of Great Law Firm Landing Pages

December 15, 2017
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A landing page – whether it’s your website’s home page, a specific campaign, or a test destination, a great landing page is pivotal for successful business. Regardless of the long-term goal, the short term goal of a landing page is to get the visitor to do something. Although that sounds relatively simple, designing a successful landing page is actually complex and requires a deep understanding of user psychology, buyer persona and buyer’s behavior.

Regardless of your business, landing pages should convey your unique selling point and focus on one call to action (CTA). It should be branded and include visually pleasing images to communicate the product or service.  Because visitors typically spend less than 10 seconds on a page, you must design the page that cuts straight to the point and captivates your users attention. This can be done through practices such as white space, contrasting colors or more explicit directional cues. An experienced web designer who understands a user’s psychology will be the best person to encapsulate your business goals, align it with your users mind set and deliver a successful landing page.

We’ve put together some particular effective examples of law firm landing pages to inspire you and amp up your digital game.

One. Allaye Chan Law

What makes this landing page so great is the clear call to action in red in the upper right corner. It also caters to different types of visitors. Because criminal law is so vast, this does a great job in leaving it broad enough to serve anyone in the need of a criminal defense attorney. 

The prominent header “Avoid Jail” depicts an emotional state of motivation. Nobody wants to go to jail and having the prominent subheading below indicating over 20,000 criminal defense cases evokes a feeling of trust. The never ending scroll of raving reviews at the bottom of the page further validates his legitimacy. 

Two. My Licensing Attorney

There are many elements that make this landing page so great. The first is it’s aesthetics and cleanliness. Each element, from the navigation, to the call to action, to the simplistic frequently asked questions, is clean, well organized, and perfectly balanced with appropriate typography, size and color. Take a look at the navigation bar:

  • A big but not overshadowing logo
  • A prominent call to action with a great balance of off-white, drawing a user’s attention immediately to it

The other prominent element is an above the fold form with clear and concise description serving as the ultimate conversion tool.

Three. The Weinberger Law Firm

The Weinberger Law Firm did something very interesting as it pertains to a humans’ psyche. Instead of asking “Do you need a personal injury attorney?”, they ask through a subtle difference by asking if you’ve been injured.  The question and above the fold form is a clear, clean, simple call to action that requires little attention and one direct clear path for users to take.

The navigation also includes great conversion elements:

  • Media & press mentions in the upper right corner
  • A large but not overpowering logo in the upper left corner
  • Large, bold phone number making it easy for a visitor to see
  • A value proposition above the phone number because everybody loves free

The raving reviews also serve as a huge conversion bonus. Although this landing page is focused on car accidents, the bottom of the page indicates other injury-related accidents.

Now that you’ve seen a handful of great landing pages, you’re ready to implement one on your own and you can easily do it in less than two hours. Follow our guide and be on your way to digital dominance.